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I enjoyed meeting you, your wife and John today at your shop in Tulsa.  Thanks for the outstanding tune job on my ProCharged 2004 Z06.  You achieved a respectable rwhp of 566 with 473 ft lbs of torque (even if it was raining all morning).  You were also able to smooth the engine out through the entire rpm range. 

On the drive home (approximately 120 miles) it turned sunny and warm.  The car ran perfectly.  You won’t believe this.  Remember you told me the car was running rich and I could expect better gas mileage?  Lately I’ve been getting about 19 mpg.  I filled up in Sand Springs and ran highway 410 to Enid.  I set the cruise at the stated speed limits.  The a/c was off because it was cool outside.  I cleared all the fuel calculators when I bought gas.  Ed – when I hit Enid, the average mpg was 29.4.  (I am sure that keeping my foot out of it helped!)  That is incredible fuel mileage.  I expected it to improve, but not that much!  

Thanks for spending a half-day tweaking my Z06.  You would not quit until it was perfect.  It was running good before we started, but now it far surpasses my expectations.  Your attention to detail and in-depth programming knowledge put you at the top of the list in my books. I am honored to know you.  I will send business your way every chance I get.

Sincere regards,

Steve Gabelsberg

Corvettes of Enid 

Mr Wright,
    Thank you once again for dynotuning my car today (2-17-06).  I did not expect to see the hp numbers that you were able to get out of my car.  I have seen a few tuners around the Dallas area over the years tune my friends cars and I just wanted you to know how impressed I was with your work ethics, knowledge, and how you paid attention to detail.  The other guys I have seen tune cars made you feel like an assembly line...get in and get out.  If I make additional changes to my car in the future, I will definately bring my car back.
Jeff Reese



PASSED SMOG!!!!...with flying colors

Below is the info, tech said he never saw a modded motor burn so clean.

15 mph MAX=52 Mea=35
25 mph MAX=36 Mea=19


15 MPH MAX=.49 Meas=.12
25 MPH MAX=.47 Meas=.04


15 MPH MAX=425 Meas=0018
25 MPH MAX=712 Meas=0034

Now the smog test is over, I will send the PCM back for you to soften the
sensitivity of the knock sensors.

I will first take it to a driveline shop to confirm there is not anything
being generated in terms of the driveline angle. Since the 6 speed mod I
feel there is more "driveline" feel to the car and want to confirm there is
not a problem with any angles.

Kudos on the tune Ed.
Roger Ball, '96 383" M6 trans Impala SS
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how satisfied I have been with your program in my 1995 Impala SS.  It is now the fastest Impala on the net with stock heads and cam.  I know this would not be possible without your expertise.  I recently ran a 13.696 @ 99.67 at the Texas Motorplex which is a NHRA track, not a "cheater track" like some.  This run was made through mufflers and with the front sway bar and drivebelt on.  My car is not a garage queen either, with nearly 70,000 on the clock.  No LT1 is complete without a Fastchip program!  Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Andy Nick
Dallas, TX
"Fastest Impala on the Net with Stock Heads and Cam, and Fastchip Powered!"


I'm sure you don't remember who we are, Bernie and Tom from MV Exxon in
Maryland, we Stable 2 B-body's 1 is owned by Grant Boss a 96 Impala that
you did the Computer on some time back, Well on Friday that car dipped
into the 11's :) and it has allot do to with your great computer work.

Also last week you did a computer for our 95 Caprice, let me tell you
we have had that computer worked on 3 different times by other so called
programmers and the car always ran bad at idle, and the best ET we could
squeeze out of it on a perfect air day was a 13.68 @ 98 MPH. Well, we
received the computer from you Friday afternoon, installed it and made
our way to the track. 1st run was very impressive, we found that we
gained some major bottom end. Before your computer work the Caprice
would 60 ft in the 1.7 range (he he) and after your work we were around
the 1.9 - 2.0 for 60 ft's :) all runs were consistent 13.59 @ 100 - 101
Mph :) We were very very pleased.

The best run came on a set of borrowed slicks, the car finally dug a
1.7 60 ft and went 13.38 @ 101 MPH. NOW we were real impressed. smiles
all around :) thanks to your superb programming.

We carry your decals with pride on the 95 Caprice and talk highly of
you here in Maryland.

We even put a link to you on the front page of our web site
http://www.mvexxon.com/ and plan to keep it there forever:)

Thank You ED WRIGHT!!!
Tom & Bernie
Home Of The Fastest Naturally Aspirated Impala on the East Coast.6-13-99


 The 95 Caprice has 110,000 miles on it :)
Subject: 92 STS - excellent results

Hi, Ed-
Finally got some numbers for the STS with the Fastchip in. For reference, Car and Driver measured a 92 STS at 8.1 s 0-60, 16.4@84 quarter mile. I stop watched the car 0-60 in 8.56 sec before I did any mods with me driving.  I have added your Fastchip, a K&N air filter, and synthetic oil (Mobil 1); for details see http://web2.airmail.net/nunnally/sts The car will now do a 7.51 sec 0-60, and a 15.51@92.9 mph in the quarter mile, as measured using a G/Tech Pro performance analyzer. Corrected for atmospherics, this is a 15.44@93.2mph. 
I actually think I am slow yet on the 0-60, but I have to learn to launch without wheel spin yet. This uncorrected time equates to 209 hp at the wheels based on hp= wt / ((et/5.825)^3) which I figure would indicate 239hp at the flywheel, based on the ET that Car and Driver got, the known stock fw hp of 200, which yields a 12.6% loss from flywheel to wheels. Anyway, this appears to equate to a gain over stock of 39 hp at the flywheel with the chip, oil, and filter. The filter should not give more than 5-15 hp based on the experience other similar size v8's experience with a drop-in filter. The synthetic oil added 4 hp (at the wheels) when one of the Mustang mags dyno'd. 
So I am happy that I am seeing (at least) a 20 hp gain at the flywheel from the Fastchip, which is exactly what you suggested I would see.

Thanks, Bruce
Subject: 1997 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 (white-auto)


I took the car to the track on Friday. I ran the car right after
arriving at the track. The local track is a good 45 minutes from my
house. The car was warm but only reading 170, but was plenty hot. I
pulled up to the line and ran 13.713 @ 101.18 with a 2.06 60' time. This
was with the car hot.

I let it sit for an hour and a half and the temp gauge wasn't even
registering. It ran 13.716 @ 101.08 with another 2.06 60' time. I
couldn't believe it. Most of the new LS1's were running 13.9, 13.8's
with 2.2 60' times. 

It ran constant hot or cold. Before at the track if it was hot I would
gain .3 to .4 tenths not anymore. 

Not only did your programming keep my car consistent but also dropped .3
and added 2 mph.

My best previously was 14.006 and 13.974 both with 2.0 60' times as
well. I am very pleased with the tuning and now have 5-6 club members wanting
to make a trip up. Do you have a program for the LS1 yet? All runs at Thunder Valley with the 315/35 GSC "street tires".

Todd D. D'Amico

Subject: Thanks
Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help in my deciding whose chip to purchase and for the speedy delivery.  I ordered a chip Monday for my 94 Cavalier, and I got it today, I didn't get home until 8:30 but I still had plenty of time to install it.  I haven't had too much time to try it out yet, but I did notice some power increase not to mention it now runs smoother! So far I am very pleased I would recommend you to any of my friends!

Thanks again!
Corey E. Greulich
Subject: 1989 Corvette

I ordered your Fastchip stage II with the 160 degree thermo and installed it this weekend. I took my Corvette out on my favorite strip of road to test the performance. I was astounded! I went as far as putting the original chip back in, did three time trials for 0-60. Then I put in the fastchip again, and did three more time trials for 0-60. The result? An average of  .5 second increase in acceleration!  I am very pleased!


Subject: Thanks!

The chip is great! I get power from all RPM ranges now with little or no latency times.  It feels as though I'm being 'pushed' faster.  This is, by far, the least expensive, non-invasive procedure for applying performance.  Thanks, I'll keep sending people your way. Is there anything else I can do, performance wise, which will still fall under California's ignorant smog check rules?

Frank V. Ruvolo

P.S.  You may quote any or all of this e-mail, if you wish.
Subject: '91 350" Blazer chip

Nothing to installing that chip. Thanks for getting it to me quick. It makes a good bit of difference. I can get up and move pretty fast now. Nice chip! I have a friend that has a 1986 Chevy S-10 extra cab, V6 engine, automatic OD. It looks like you have one for that model, just making sure. He may be interested. My brother might also be interested with his 1985 Pontiac Firebird, V6 manual tranny. Also have a friend asking about his 1985 Pontiac 6000 with a 4 cylinder and automatic tranny.

Thanks again, Scott.
Subject: '90 350" Chevy p.u. chip

Ed: I got my chip, and installed it. It doesn't "ping" like the hypertech chip I've had in the truck, since it was new. I can't tell if it is any faster than the Hypertech during wide open running, but it drives much better, requiring less throttle to drive than before. I can pull my bass boat up grades I used to have down shift on to prevent pinging. It goes right up them now in 5th gear, and my gas mileage has improved by nearly 2 mpg while towing my boat. I need one now for my wife's Berreta, 1990, 2.8L automatic trans. 

Thanks, Paul
Subject: '93 4.3L TBI S10 Blazer

Hi Ed,

Today I install the Fastchip without problems.  I feel the better torque,  better acceleration and the intelligent improved shifts. This chip is a fine work! Congratulations! Thanks for your attentions.

L. Rodriguez S. (Caracas-Venezuela)

I wanted to say how impressed I am with the chip & thermo I just put in to my 2.8L Camaro.  I've been using it for the past couple of days.  Throttle response has greatly improved.  It feels like a brand new car.

Subject: Works Great !!!!

Mr. Wright,

The chip is doing fine. No problems with running or starting. If you hear of anybody doing anything else with the 3.4, please let me know.

Thanks again,