Frequently Asked Questions
How much performance can I expect to gain and what about gas mileage?
Performance varies so please contact us for further info on your application,
Fuel mileage is usually same or slightly better, no loss, if you can keep your 
driving style the same <G>.
I don't want a full blown race chip, are other versions available?
Yes. We sell 2 versions. Stage 1 is directed towards a plug-n-play application
where as the Stage 2 requires use of a 160 degree thermostat (available from
us) and higher octane gas (92). The power gains aren't as great with the Stage 1
but still noticeable, .4 seconds from 0 to 60, average. 
What makes your chip better than the other guys?
Our shift points are reset for best ET's and work from 400 rpm up including 
many part-throttle changes. We also remove the top speed fuel cut-off 
(98 mph, on some vehicles) and allow a wide-open 4th gear, others won't. 
Most "other guys" don't touch anything below 1400/1600 rpm and don't do any
part-throttle programming. 
Okay, you've done your homework, but what does all this mean for me?
The part-throttle programming improves drivability under normal conditions,
making pulling boats, trailers, etc, much easier. 
(Cuts down on downshifts on grades, etc) 
What about emissions testing?
Our programming is not in any area that will effect emissions testing, we have
sold chips all over the country and have not had one fail emissions testing
anywhere (California included). 
However, our chips are sold for "off-road use only", please use accordingly.
What if I order it and don't like it?
Remember, we guarantee NOBODY'S chip to be faster!