• All custom chip prices are $350 plus shipping charges.
  • We also reprogram the newer "Flash Memory' GM vehicles. This requires the vehicle, or at least the computer from the vehicle, coming to our Tulsa, Oklahoma facility for programming.
  • Custom programming is also available for special gear ratios, removing top speed limiters, etc. 
  • Due to the vast variations in modified vehicles there are no refunds on custom chips. However we will work with you to make adjustments to the chips to make the chip function correctly.
Online "special order" form located here
Fill it out and fax it back to us so we can custom design your chip! 
Examples of custom designed chips below:
'86/'87 Buick Grand National 4.1L
36lb inj, Ported heads (requires 160 degree thermostat)
1985 Camaro 305" TPI, 350" injectors
Dart iron heads, TPIS "ZZ9" camshaft (160 degree thermostat)
LT1 350" EFI Chevy engines in street rods, pick ups, etc.
Requires MAP sensor (VATS erased)
L98 350"/305" (specify which)
TPI street rod, etc. (VATS erased)
Either MAP, or MAF (Specify)
Many 350" GM trucks with "RV" cams, blowers, larger,
or dual TBI units, 383" & 406" engines
If you don't see something here just ask,
we probably have done the program for an application like yours.
All of the above chips are sold for "off-road" use only.
They are NOT legal for highway use in California!