If you're looking for something not listed here just ask, we have probably
done the program for an application like yours. We are continually making
new programs and will try to keep this web site up to date but changes
occur almost daily.
NEW! 1999 454 with 87 Octane - 36Hp/60ft-lbs - Dyno Sheets
(Flash programming of computer required, you must 
ship us your computer.)
4.8, 5.3, 6.0L New Chevy "Vortech"  trucks with bare aluminum computer unit $450
4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L, and 7.4L Older 96-2000 computers utilizing black box computer  $350
350 LT1 All engines and transmissions $350
1997 LS1 Corvette $450
1999/2003 LS1 Vette & Truck  $450
  1998/2002 LS1 F body $450
  1997/2004 3800 V6 Pontiac GTP $350
  1998/2002 3800 V6 F body $350
2005 LS2 Cars and SSR Truck ECM
(Engine Control Module)


TCM (Transmission Control Module)
When in conjunction with the LS2 ECM

2006 SS Trailblazer

ECM and TCM $450
Online "special order" form located here. Fill it out and fax it back to us so we can custom design your chip!